New Jersey JOAD


JOAD, which stands for Junior Olympic Archery Development, is the youth organization affiliated with USA Archery. The coordinator for the New Jersey JOAD is Ivy Bernstein, who also serves on the NJAA board. The JOAD program is open to any youth archer ages 8 to 20; recognized JOAD clubs offer classes taught by a certified archery instructor or coach. JOAD archers can earn various awards as they progress through different levels. The state clubs with JOAD organizations are listed at the left.


The New Jersey JOAD Coordinator is Ivy Bernstein.  Please contact her with any questions you have regarding JOAD.


Below are the New Jersey clubs that offer JOAD programs.

The New Jersey School of Archery

The New Jersey School of Archery offers classes year-round.  Both indoors and outdoors as the weather permits.  For more information please contact Mike Usherenko or visit their website at School of Archery        


The WA-XO-BE JOAD program meets every Saturday afternoon from 4-7. Further information can be found at


For further information on JOAD please try this site:

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